Houston, Texas based truck accident lawyers representing people injured in 18 wheeler or semi-truck accidents or other truck wrecks. We work with truck accident victims everyday. We are here for you.

Who we are:

We protect the rights of people who have suffered injuries caused by large trucks such as 18 wheelers, semi-trucks or other company vehicles. If you have been injured or had an accident involving an 18 wheeler or semi truck call today.

We specialize in 18 wheeler wrecks or semi-truck accidents. Our truck wreck attorneys have fought for their clients for 27 years and are extremely knowledgeable about how to maximize the financial recovery of those injured by an 18-wheeler or semi-truck in an accident.

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Areas of Practice

We are a Houston, Texas based truck accident law firm dedicated to representing semi-truck and 18 wheeler wreck victims and their families against trucking companies and insurance companies.

We also represent railroad workers who have suffered on the job injuries. For more information click here: FELA attorney info.

Summaries of Cases

We fight to get what is fair for our clients. Use this link to receive some sample results via email: subscribe@texastruckattorney.com

What sets us apart?

We work with injured individuals everyday and can guide you through the uncertainty and confusion after an accident involving a large truck. We are here for you.
Rome, Arata & Baxley is a law firm dedicated to obtaining fair and just results for their clients through the American jury system. Our attorneys know the importance of preparing and prosecuting each case, no matter how big or how small.

The Declaration of Independence speaks of the importance of a citizen's right to a trial by jury. Our truck accident attorneys understand that to obtain a just result each case must be prepared and prosecuted properly. To best represent our clients, our lawyers meet with our clients to learn what they want, we interview witnesses and we take depositions of the key witnesses in our client's cases. We often hire expert witnesses. Many car wreck, truck wrecks and other injury cases require such testimony to quantify damages and achieve justice.

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