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Truck Accident Attorneys represent people injured by a wreck with a semi-truck 18 wheeler or other commercial vehicle, especially if the cause was the negligent or reckless driving of the truck driver. Rome, Arata and Baxley LLC We focuses 95% of our practice on commercial transportation injury cases.

Bristol Baxley, Perrin Rome and Blake Arata have a combined 95 years of experience in handling commercial truck accident cases. We are loyal to the individuals and families we represent and do not represent insurance companies or large corporations. The firm has offices in Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our truck accident attorneys know the importance of starting to develop your claim as soon as possible. Insurance companies, trucking companies and large corporations start building their defense as soon as an accident occurs. They use various tactics in an effort to deny or reduce their obligation to pay even the most legitimate claims. The expertise and experience of our firm have helped many people injured in semi-truck accidents win their legal cases.

Our first experience as truck accident attorneys came from representing hundreds of injured railroad workers against negligent semi-truck operators on behalf of railroaders injured in grade crossing collisions. Through that experience, we developed a proven system to preserve crucial evidence, and successfully litigate claims for anyone injured by a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle.

Our Approach

We engage a team approach on all cases so that someone is always available to respond to a client's needs. We also prepare each case for trial, developing each and every theory of recovery to maximize each claim. We do this because the largest semi-truck accident claims are won when the case is fully prepared to go to trial. Only then, will the negligent trucking company and their insurance feel the most pressure to pay full and fair compensation for the injury.

Our firm has successfully handled cases against all types of insurance companies, trucking companies and negligent semi-truck drivers. We've also handled cases involving other heavy trucks or commercial vehicles, such as electrical or concrete truck accidents, dump truck wrecks, or bus accidents.

We Handle Cases for Truck Accident Victims Across the United States with a focus on cases that occur in Texas and Louisiana

At Rome, Arata & Baxley, L.L.C., we pride ourselves on being one of the best truck accident lawfirms in the United States. Our truck accident lawyers are experts on commercial vehicle codes and regulations that govern the trucking industry. We also deal daily with the medical issues, insurance issues, and sometimes disability issues that are involved in truck accident cases.

Best Commercial Vehicle or Semi-Truck Accident, Injury and Wreck Lawyer in Houston Texas

Rome, Arata & Baxley, L.L.C. attorney is provides the best representation of semi-truck or commercial vehicle accident cases from our office in Houston Texas. We handle cases nationwide but especially in Texas and Louisiana. If you are injured by a wreck because of the reckless driving of a negligent truck driver call us at (281) 993-0000 for a free initial consultation with our lawyer in Pearland, TX.

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