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Five Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

Many victims of semi-truck accidents at first try to handle their own claim. Or they get convinced by the trucking company's insurance to let their own insurance handle negotiations. Here are five reasons to hire a truck accident attorney as soon as possible after your wreck.

1. Preserve critical evidence.

Consulting an 18-wheeler wreck attorney as soon as possible is critical to ensuring the trucking company and truck driver preserve:

  • all log books
  • vehicle inspection reports
  • fuel receipts
  • toll tickets
  • on board computer data, etc.

    18-wheelers usually are equipped with a black box (somewhat similar to an airplane) that records information about speed, braking, acceleration, etc. This information can be critical to proving the truck driver was speeding. The black box information can also prove the truck driver falsified his federally required log books. If too much time has passed between the date of the wreck and the date of the request for the black box data, the information about your wreck could be erased.

All of the information above can be crucial to proving the at fault truck driver was fatigued or wrekless and can positively impact the settlement value of your claim. Contacting a semi-truck wreck attorney at Rome, Arata & Baxley as soon as possible can help preserve this information.

2. It's free, until you win!

Truck accident attorneys work on contigency, which means no money out of your pocket. The attorneys only collect their fees if you win your case or achieve a settlement you are happy with and willing to sign off on. They also handle all case expenses as part of the contingency agreement.

3. To get what is fair you usually have to file suit.

Claim agents for the defendant trucking company or their insurance only have a certain amount of authority to offer to settle your claim. Filing suit against a trucking company not only lets them know that you mean business but it gets the authority of the court behind your claim. The court may compel the negligent trucking company into providing documents that they otherwise refuse to share. Further the attorney they hire is more likely to offer you fair value for your losses than a claim agent who has to constantly run to their boss.

4. Get your own team of experts to even the playing field.

When you get hurt in a semi-truck accident, the defendant trucking company and their insurance has a team of experts working to minimize the value of your claim. This team of experts spends most of their working life trying to reduce the amount of money they pay out to accident victims like you. Hiring a semi-truck accident attorney gives you your own team of experts whose job it is to maximize your financial recovery and make sure you recieve fair compensation.

5. Focus on your health.

Last and possibly most importantly, hiring your own team of truck accident claim experts allows you to focus on your medical treatment instead of worrying about an endless paper chase. Treatment after a semi-truck accident may involve many doctor's appointments and therapy sessions and can be surprisingly time consuming whether you are able to work or not.

If you are a victim of semi-truck accident case then Rome, Arata & Baxley, L.L.C. attorney will represent your case more effectively. We will handle your claim of semi-truck injury or wreck in Houston Texas. No need to worry about your semi-truck accident lawsuit as the best truck accident cases law firm will guide you at all levels. Call us now at (281) 993-0000 with our truck accident lawyer in Pearland TX office.

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