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What to Do if You Are Injured by a Semi-truck or 18-wheeler

An 18-wheeler or semi-truck wreck is more complicated to litigate than other automobile accidents. Use this checklist to help create and preserve crucial evidence that can be used in your claim:

  • Seek medical attention right away.

    Report all injured body parts to the doctor. Your medical records will eventually be reviewed by both sides in your claim or lawsuit and your medical expenses will help to prove other forms of financial damage.

  • Call the police.

    The police will obtain information from all parties involved in the accident. They may also write a citation for the truck driver which helps to prove the truck driver's negligence.'

  • Find out the following information from the truck driver:
    1. name,
    2. address,
    3. phone numbers;
    4. insurance information (name of company and phone number of insurance agent)
    5. trucking company name;
    6. license plate number;
    7. DOT Number for the tractor; and
    8. make and color of the semi-truck, if possible.

  • Take pictures.

    Take photos with your phone if necessary of your vehicle and the 18-wheeler that caused the wreck before leaving the scene if you are physically able to do so. If you can't do this then ask someone to do it for you. If you can't do this immediately make sure you get pictures of the damage before the vehicles are repaired.

  • Call your insurance company as soon as possible.

  • Take video if the truck driver appears to be drunk or under the influence of drugs.

  • Get witnesses' information including names, addresses and phone numbers.

    Police officers who work auto accidents sometimes ignore witnesses in their reports. Witness testimony can be helpful to prove the truck driver is at fault if the truck driver's attorneys and claim agents contest negligence.

  • Again, seek medical attention right away. The opposing attorneys and claim agents often argue that delayed treatment was caused by a later incident.

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Is there anything I should avoid doing after an 18-wheeler or semi truck wreck?

  • Do not talk to the truck driver's insurance companies or sign anything.
  • Do not talk to the 18 wheeler's claims adjusters or attorneys.
  • Do not talk give a statement to the semi-truck's claims adjusters or attorneys.

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