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Why is the Accident Report Important in a Truck Accident Case?

The accident report filed by the police or law enforcement is a vitally important document to your truck accident case for the following reasons:

  • The police will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.
  • They may also write a citation for the truck driver which helps to prove the truck driver's negligence.
  • The accident report will have contact information on the defendant truck driver and trucking company.
  • It may also list other witnesses that can help make your case.
  • Officers often take photos during their investigatino which are attached to the report.
  • Many law enforcement vehicles are equipped with a dash camera. This footage may need to be requested separately but may be indicated on the accident report.

How To Find Your Accident Report

Please note: for purposes of you semi-truck accident claim or case. We recommend that you obtain 'CERTIFIED' copy of the accident report.

The first place to check for a semi-truck accident report is at the crash report website for the state that the accident happened in.

At the time of the accident the officer may indicate how long it will take for the report to be ready and may even provide a cause number so that you can find it easily once it is. In most jurisdictions, law enforcement takes a few days to a week or more to complete the accident report.

The accident report may be available sooner if you call the parish or county or city police directly. Provide the driver's name and the date of accident or cause number if you have it. Have a paper and pen ready so that you can write down any info they give you including the cause number if you don't already have it.

Feel free to call us if you have any trouble finding or obtaining your accident report. We have investigators and legal assistents that locate accident reports all the time. And, if the circumstances of your case qualify we wil obtain a certified accident report for you for free with no further obligation.

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