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Trucking accidents in Laredo, Texas

Laredo is the largest and busiest inland port in the United States, and Laredo Nuevo is the largest in Latin America. There was approximately $20 billion generated in two-way trade with Mexico in January of 2014, which is close to half that for the entire U.S. with Mexico. This explains why an estimated two million trucks passed through the Laredo port in 2015. This number is well over twice that of the second busiest border point, which is located in Otay, California. With all of this commerce and traffic, it's no wonder Laredo has more than its fair share of semi-truck accidents.

Situated on the northern bank of the Rio Grande, Laredo, Texas forms the northern part of one of the six bi-national metropolitan areas along the United States-Mexico border. With a population of over 250,000, Laredo is the third most populated city along that border and the tenth most populated city in the state. It is also the county seat of Webb County. While Laredo remains a popular shopping destination for Mexican shoppers, the San Antonia Express reported a recent decline in the number of shoppers due to drug war-related violence in Nuevo Laredo.

Since the North American Fair Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into effect January of 1994, an increasing number of import-export agencies have been established to increase trade, and a growing number of twin assembly plants have come into use on the south side of the border. More than 47 percent of United States international trade headed for Mexico and more than 36 percent of Mexican international trade crosses through the Laredo port of entry. Access to Laredo and Laredo Nuevo is aided by - Interstate Highway 35 and Mexican Federal Highway 85, respectively.

There are several international bridges in Laredo, including Gateway to the Americas, Juarez-Lincoln, World Trade (commercial traffic only), Colombia-Solidarity and Texas-Mexican Railway. There are also several major highways in Laredo, including the following:

Laredo Trucking Accidents

As a busy metropolitan area, with millions of trucks engaged in international commerce Laredo Texas has more than it's share of semi-truck accidents. Due to the size and weight of commercial trucks, they are not only more likely to cause accidents, but also more likely to cause significant harm to those involved. With busy schedules and time-sensitive deliveries to make, many truck drivers work long hours and suffer from fatigue while driving. As a result, they are placed at an even greater risk of causing an accident.

In an effort keep the number of trucking accidents to a minimum, there are federal regulations by which trucking companies must abide. Under federal and state laws, trucking companies may be held liable for driver negligence, and if you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, an experienced truck accident lawyer will do everything possible to ensure that they are.

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