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What Are The Biggest Challenges Faced In Truck Accident Cases?

One of the biggest challenges in a truck accident case is making ends meet. If the victims are not able to work, how will they pay their bills? If they are hurt, how do they pay their medical bills if they do not have medical insurance? Many times, even if medical insurance is available, doctors do not want to treat people involved in a lawsuit. Treatment to get better can also become challenging. Finding the time and juggling doctor appointments, physical therapy and possible surgery can become stressful. With severe injuries, not only are you affected, your spouse, children, and job are also impacted. One of the things that most people do not understand is that you may have some benefits such as medical insurance, however, if you are not able to work, the medical insurance is not going to last very long. Your benefits will expire at some point.

Hiring a truck accident attorney early on will ensure your case will not drag on for years. A truck accident attorney will be able to help guide you with your medical benefits and short term disability insurance to make sure your obligations are met while your case is in litigation.

What Rights Does a Family Member Have If Someone Is Killed in a Trucking Accident?

Damages vary state by state. Depending on the situation, there are two actions to consider - Wrongful Death and/or Survivor. Damages for either of these actions may include money for pain and suffering at the time of the wreck and after, loss of support, loss of companionship, loss of guidance for any surviving children and/or loss of financial support. If the deceased was the main wage earner in the family, the survivors may lose their health insurance and the lifestyle in which they are accustomed to. These are recoverable damages when a family member dies in a truck accident.

What Is the Importance of Hiring an Experienced Semi- Truck Accident Attorney to Handle Such a Case?

Hiring an attorney experienced in semi-truck accident cases is critical for these types of cases. You do not hire a football coach for your basketball team. The trucking company has an attorney that specializes in 18-wheeler litigations. Trucking companies do not hire an aviation attorney or a maritime attorney to defend a truck accident. They hire an attorney who is a truck accident expert.

For example, trucking companies will always say that the driver had a commercial driver's license. Your attorney needs to know what that means. Every truck driver has a commercial driver's license, but not every truck driver is a good truck driver. One reason that federal motor carrier safety regulations exists is to require thorough background checks on potential drivers, including looking into their driving histories. Truck companies should do a ride along with the driver, perform a criminal background check, take a written application from them, and require vision, hearing, and drug screenings before putting them behind the wheel.

All of the above steps are taken to ensure bad truck drivers are not driving a heavy truck. An attorney who is not experienced in trucking cases may not know to look for these things. They are not going to have the familiarity with the data modules on 18-wheelers to make sure the information is preserved. They are not going to know that Louisiana, for example, has a commercial driver's manual that is hundreds of pages long detailing every imaginable scenario instructing truck drivers how to proceed. Lastly, an experienced 18 wheeler wreck attorney will know to use this information when deposing the truck driver and his supervisor to their benefit.

Additional Information About Trucking Accidents in Texas and Louisiana

Billboard lawyers get so many cases they do not have the time to give each one individual care. They may have a hundred cases. They range from really weak, to more serious injury cases. It is hard for these attorneys to pay special attention to all but the very big cases. If your case is not deemed big enough, there may be 15-20 different attorneys that eventually wind up representing you. You want to make sure you get the best attorney at a law firm to handle your case. This will be someone who knows you and knows your case. With the billboard law firms, the chances of this happening is not very good.

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